OS VectorMap® Local is the latest map scale to complement OS MasterMap®.

Where OS MasterMap® is too detailed or too expensive for larger areas OS VectorMap® Local is the natural choice.

Similar in style and format to OS MasterMap® it makes a great area map at scales from 1:5,000 out to 1:15,000.

Customers can purchase from 1/4 sq km up to the whole of the UK in any shape in the following formats:

Streetwise Vectormap


Click the icons below for samples

  • PNG
  • JPEG
  • Word
  • PDF
  • DXF
  • DWG

Please click to watch an introductory video about OS Vector Map® Local.


Fromats include JPEG, PNG, MS Word, DWG and DXF

Single User Licence Corporate Licence
500m x 500m in any format £30 £40
1km x 1km in any format £40 £50
2km x 2km in any format £60 £70
3km x 3km in any format £90 £100
4km x 4km in any format * £120 £140
5km x 5k in any format * £150 £160
6km x 6k in any format * £180 £180
6km x 6k in any format * £250 £260

* Call or email Streetwise now on 0118 977 3313 and for orders above 3km x 3km as these are currently not available online. All prices exclude VAT.