Planning Maps

You are here because you need a Location, Site or Block Plan or possibly a combination of these, or just a detailed large scale map.

Streetwise Plans are online and printed maps created and sourced from the Ordnance Survey MasterMap®.

We were also the first company to be accredited by the Government's Planning Portal to supply maps for Local Authority planning applications. Planning requirements can be a minefield (and may vary across different Local Authorities) so here are a few tips to ensure you get the right map for your situation. After all you are spending a lot of time and money with planners, architects, surveyors and builders so it's important to avoid delays. Fortunately for you we have not only a very simple service but are also the cheapest place to get your plans!

Firstly it is likely you will need a plan with a printed scale of 1:1250 or 1:2500 and probably also one at 1:500 and maybe even at 1:200 or 1:100.

You may also be required to show the site boundary in red, the surrounding road names and a north arrow.


If you understand printed scale you can purchase a single plan from us in JPEG or PNG format. You could then use this for more than one scale.

If taking a JPEG or PNG and setting its size is a bit too difficult then opt for one or more maps in MS Word or PDF. These are fixed scales so will print on an A4 or A3 at the chosen size without any other adjustment.

In order to access your map you need a login and password. You need to spend a couple of minutes giving us your details. We know this is a bit long-winded but we need to know your details to email you the map and for payment. As soon as we have this the service automatically sends you a login and password straight away.

You enter these login details on the top left of the front planning page

The quickest way to search is using the postcode. Simply type this into the postcode box and hit "GO". NB if you don't know the postcode either search on the street name or use the postcode finder option. Please also note we charge £1 to view the map if no purchase is made.

Next choose the exact property by the name or house number.

Map Purchase Preview Page

A map then appears with your property in the middle. This is the standard 2 hectare 1:1250 Plan. Most Councils will accept this standard area map but will say if they don't. ie you may need a slightly larger area to show 2 named roads etc.

If the map in the viewing window doesn’t show enough area e.g. part of your property is cut off you can click anywhere on the map to re-centre it if you want. You can also change the area and therefore also the scale. You can even use the tools onscreen to add a boundary, text or measure. Our automatic polygon tool allows you with just two clicks to draw around a polygon or to shade it as well. If the boundary is an odd shape you can do the same manually. You can also select a colour or b+w map.

At the bottom of this page are animated demos of the main functions of our website so you can see how easy it is to use. We would recommend watching these before you go any further.

Once you are happy with the first map click "Add to Basket", then select the file format you want. Remember MS Word and PDF or the printed map options are easiest.

If you also need a second map at a different scale you can click on "Add a Block/Location Plan for this map" or “Same search” and add a different scale to your basket too or just click "Add more items" to do a totally new search/view.

Once you have everything you need just click "Buy All and Save". You then get the option to pay with either our Barclays secure payment or Google checkout. Assuming the transaction is authorised a map download link is emailed straight to you. Just click on this and save the map to your computer.